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Baraka Healing

Shams SaadEldin Al Habib, Ph.D

Shams SaadEldin Al Habib, Ph.D

Baraka Healing is healing the heart from the heart, discovered in Canada by Dr. Shams SaadEldin. It is one of the most effective energy healing techniques, that will help you to enjoy and attract health, happiness, abundance, love, wellness, and more harmony and balance in your life.  Baraka Healing is considered as a new method of "Complementary Alternative Medicine CAM " and Natural Therapy in Canada since 2016.  It is a very simple and unique method that combines in one session many ancient and modern schools of healing such as: Reiki, Sound Healing, Pranic Healing, Aroma Therapy, Rokia, Reflexology, Massage and Chinese Medicine … and many more. 


Shams SaadEldin Al Habib, Ph.D

Shams SaadEldin Al Habib, Ph.D

Shams SaadEldin Al Habib, Ph.D

Dr. Shams SaadEldin Al Habib is founder and owner of "Baraka Canadian Wellness Center," and the developer of two renowned approaches in self-healing and development: the " Baraka Divine Healing Energy" which is a new method of Complementary Alternative Medicine, and "Rumi's Ways of Love Sufi meditation." She has been offering workshops and meditation circles based on both approaches to large audience in multiple regions. Dr. Shams is also a massage and reflexology therapist. She is member of:  

- The Canadian association of Massage and Acupressure.  

- The Association of Holistic Naturopath of Quebec.  

- The Syndicate of Musicians in Egypt  


Rumi Ways of Love®

Shams SaadEldin Al Habib, Ph.D

Rumi Ways of Love®

- Ecstasy of Sufi Meditation, musical night and  Sound Healing Circle

- Workshops, ego challenges, & how to discover yourself

- Modern Sufi Way
All based on unconditional love, peace & light

Rumi Mediation and Baraka Heart Activation based on an ancient Sufi healing arts and techniques  will help you to discover your true self and how to reach it.
- Enjoy the secrets of the Whirling Dervish Dance.
- Learn how to use the power of the ancient Sufi teachings to improve all the aspects of your life, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


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